The Feathered Flock

The Feathered Flock

Two day old Sebright bantam
One of several breeds I'm currently raising

Bearded Paint Silkies
Bearded Black, White Silkies from Paint pen
Bearded Buff, Partridge Silkies
Blue Cream (Porcelain) Silkie Project
Satins in Frizzled and Smooth
Naked Necks(Showgirls) in silkie and satin

Large Fowl:
Ameraucana in self blue(newly approved by APA, aka lavender)
Lavender Cuckoo Ameraucana Project
Isabel Ameraucana Project

Ornamental Pheasants:
Lady Amherst, Silver, Swinhoe, Temmincks Tragopan

Welsh Harlequin

Fancy Pigeons:

Extra birds available on occasion

Available now as of June 2023:
Swinhoe pheasant chicks
One Breeding pair of adult Swinhoe
One adult Temminicks Tragopan male, beautiful full mating display
2 pairs of Welsh Harlequin ducks