Chambermist Cottage Farm

2015 Nigerian Dwarf Kids
Ages 2-7 weeks in photos

born May - June

All kids are sired by my buck Camanna RZ Blue Timbuktu
(Rosaharn SH Zahtar x Camanna Crystal Blue Snowella)

"Timmy" is grandson of
Top Production Doe SGCH Rosasharn HB Gari 4*M
SG = "Superior Genetics", to qualify the animal must be in the top 15%
and have a Production Type Index(PTI)value of 0 or greater for their breed,
ranking at least once in its lifetime per ADGA regulations

All placed or retained


A - buck (x Chambermist Moonlit Rose) -SOLD

B - doe (x Pholia Farm HB Ambrosia)

C - doe (x Diji Farm SGW Tiger Lily)

D - buck (x Chambermist Moonlit Rose)

E - doe (x Chambermist White Bouquet) -SOLD

F - buck, Chambermist BT Constellation, future herdsire RETAINED

G - bucks, in front, Chambermist BT Starry Night, future herdsire


I - doe (x Diji Farm SGW Tiger Lily) -SOLD

J - doe, front(x Pholia Farm HB Ambrosia)

K - doe (x Pholia Farm HB Rose)


M - doe


O - buck (x Chambermist Witch Hazel)

P - doe

Q - wether (x Chambermist Autumn Sorrel)

R - wether (x Chambermist Lily of the Nile)

S - buck (x Camanna COC Black Velvet) -SOLD

T - doe

U -

V - doe (x Little Tots Estate Mulberry)

W - doe (x Chambermist Witch Hazel)


2015 MiniNubian Kids

AA - doe (x MDGA reg. Chambermist MM Camelot)