Dairy Goats

Chambermist Cottage Farm
Dairy Goats

Dairy goats were added to my farm to balance out and utilize a niche
in a planned hierarchy of sustainable green living.

The Nigerian Dwarf breed was chosen for its small size - under 23.5 inches,
amiable character, milk production capabilities and a wonderous
neverending panorama of color and marking possibilities.

In addition, Nubians were added for their substantial milk production and their
comical endearing nature. Mine are at my side every time they can be. However,
due to the size of Nubian bucks which makes it difficult for me to handle,
I've embarked on a planned MiniNubian breeding program, registered with the
Miniature Dairy Goat Assn., MDGA. This way I can keep all the qualities
I love in the nubian breed, but in a smaller package.

My foundation herd animals were carefully selected from high quality stock after
careful analysis of milk production test results throughout their pedigrees,
body conformation of sire and dam per the standard, assessment by NDGA & AGS
sanctioned shows and the quality of the progeny of sires and dams already on the ground.

And now the fun begins!
Goats milk lends itself nicely to homemade cream cheese, feta, yogurt....and eventually
I'll try making ice cream!!!! Goats offer so many blessings to a small farm operation.

Dairy Goats

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